About Us

Investment Philosophy

We believe three things differentiate Pierce Street Capital from many other investors.

  1. Permanent Capital — We’re a family office with no outside investors or shareholders. We believe in conservative capital structures and aren’t constrained by the monetization timetables of third parties. We hold investments based on their merits and the needs of our family and founder partners. Our objective is creating sustainable, long-term value.
  2. Flexibility — Our family office structure allows us to invest in all levels of the capital structure without being limited by industry sector or investment stage, and we are not opposed to minority ownership positions. We’ve learned through experience that creative solutions often need to be developed to meet the needs of private company owners.
  3. Family/Founder Investment Emphasis — While not our exclusive area of focus, as owner-operators of a family-owned business, we’re uniquely qualified to understand the needs of family-owned companies. In addition to being a source of capital, we’re a resource for families and founders with questions exclusive to their situation as owners of successful businesses.

Areas of Interest

  • Media — radio, television and print
  • Energy — oil and natural gas production and distribution
  • Healthcare — services and outsourcing solutions, diagnostics and information technology
  • Mining & Logging
  • Maritime Port & Industrial Development
  • Real Estate
  • Specialty Finance

Investment Criteria

  • Family-owned or founder-managed businesses headquartered in North America
  • Depth of management apart from family and founders
  • History of predictable cash flows
  • Diversified customer base
  • Defensible market position
  • Identifiable growth opportunities

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